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Economic Market Update this week

  Consumer credit saw weak growth, while layoffs were down, and wholesale inventories saw a sizable drop. Economic Market Update for Consumer Credit Consumer borrowing grew just 2.6 percent in April, to hit a total of $3.821 trillion for the month, according to last week’s report from the Federal Reserve. […]

Layoffs Decrease

  Layoffs saw a large drop, while consumer credit growth slowed, and wholesale inventories and sales both surged.  Initial Jobless Claims First-time claims for unemployment benefits filed by the newly unemployed during the week ending Feb. 4 plummeted past predictions to 234,000 claims, a tumble of 12,000 claims from the […]

Unexpected Drop for Jobless Claims

Initial jobless claims enjoyed an unexpected drop, reassuring some economists about the job market. Consumer credit failed to impress and wholesale inventories grew. Initial Jobless Claims Job market watchers were breathing a sigh of relief when it came to layoffs last week. While the various experts and economists had expected […]

Retail Sales Bounce Back

  Retail sales bounced back, while layoffs saw a surge, and wholesale inventories grew, but not at the pace the market had hoped. Retail Sales Retail and food services sales saw a better than expected performance in April, growing 1.3 percent to hit $453.4 billion, the Census Bureau reported last […]

Consumer Credit Continued a Trend of Healthy Growth

  Consumer credit continued a trend of healthy growth, while wholesale inventories fell, and layoffs dropped. Consumer Credit Consumer credit grew by 5.8 percent in February to hit a total of $3.56 trillion, the Federal Reserve reported last week. At this point, consumer credit has demonstrated reliable growth over the […]