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Layoffs Increase Beyond Forecasts

Layoffs increased beyond forecasts, retail sales saw healthy gains, and consumer credit enjoyed a major gain.  Retail Sales  Retail sales ended 2017 in a good position thanks to healthy holiday spending. Food services and retail sales for December 2017 grew 0.4 percent to hit $495.4 billion, according to last week’s […]

Retail Sales Double

  Retail Sales double predictions, while consumer prices also rose, and layoffs shrank. Retail Sales  Strong holiday sales sparked a retail surge in November, with retail and food service sales for the month growing 0.8 percent to $492.7 billion, the Census Bureau reported last week. This outpaced market expectations of […]

Consumer Prices and Retail Sales Increase

  Retail sales enjoyed a considerable jump, and consumer prices also saw healthy gains. Meanwhile, layoffs tumbled. Retail Sales Growth After falling 0.3 percent in August, retail sales enjoyed their largest surge in two years. Retail Sales grew to 1.6 percent in September to hit $483.9 billion for the month, […]

The Hurricanes take a toll on the US Economy

  “Retail sales took a large, hurricane-related hit while consumer prices expanded and jobless claims data continued to be skewed by weather.” Retail Sales Hurricane Harvey is already having its impact on the economy, as retail sales for August dropped 0.2 percent to $474.8 billion, the Census Bureau reported last […]

Economic Boost in Retail Sales this week

The big economic headline maker last week was retail sales, which saw healthy growth. Also, housing starts saw a mixed performance, while layoffs rose, but remained in safe territory. Market Update for Retail Sales Retail sales for January 2017 enjoyed a 0.4 percent gain to hit $472.1 billion, the Census […]