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Step by Step: How to Decorate A Professional Looking Christmas Tree

  Read our step by step guide to learn how to decorate a Professional looking Christmas Tree. Decorating for Christmas can be a much fun as the actual day itself. If you want to go all out, pick a room where you can incorporate multiple displays. Make sure to use […]

Product Review: Home Cleaner without Chemicals

Natural Home Cleaners Throw away your toxic household cleaning products. Force of Nature non-chemical cleaner and disinfectant rids your house of harsh chemicals while keeping it clean and disinfected. It works by electrolyzing water, an industrial process now available at home. “The process is elegant in its simplicity,” says Patrick Lucci, […]

Product Review Tips – Washing Machines

Buying a New Washing Machine?   Seriously. Let’s get to the unpleasant surprise that some people face when they use their sparkly new top loading washer for the first time. Manufacturers have increased the tub size on some washers, thus making it possible for you to do more laundry at […]

Fire Safety – Helpful Tips for the Home

Fire Safety The first week of February is Burn Awareness Week, but it’s something we should keep in mind every day! Did you know: Each year, 1,100 children die from fire and burn injuries. Among children under five years of age, scalds or contact burns are responsible for 90 percent […]

Packing and Moving Tips

Packing & Moving Tips to Remember  Packing Materials Stock up on packing supplies ahead of time.  Strong boxes & containers that can be tightly secured will help the move be successful without broken items. Don’t forget packing tape, sharpies, packing materials such as bubble wrap and/or newspapers. Old pillows and blankets […]