Category: Economic Review

The Hurricanes take a toll on the US Economy

  “Retail sales took a large, hurricane-related hit while consumer prices expanded and jobless claims data continued to be skewed by weather.” Retail Sales Hurricane Harvey is already having its impact on the economy, as retail sales for August dropped 0.2 percent to $474.8 billion, the Census Bureau reported last […]

Layoffs Decrease and Homes Sales Decline

  The pace of existing home sales fell, while housing starts were down, and layoffs continued to decline. Existing Home Sales Existing home sales slowed for the second month in a row, falling 0.9 percent to an annual rate of 5.33 million in August, according to last week’s report from […]

Construction Spending Disappoints Market Expectations

  Construction spending underwhelmed market expectations.  Incomes and spending notched up and layoffs increased but remained in safe territory. Construction Spending Construction spending for May surprised many housing market watchers by declining to an annual rate of $1.14 trillion, which was 0.8 percent below April’s rate of $1.15 trillion, the […]

Retails Sales Report Healthy Growth

    Retail sales enjoyed healthy growth, while housing starts and building permits saw a mixed performance, and layoffs increased. Retail Sales Retail sales for May performed solidly, with sales growing 0.5 percent to hit $455.6 billion, the Census Bureau reported last week. Compared annually, last month’s sales were 2.5 […]

Unemployment Continues to Stay at Historic Lows

  Construction spending got a shot in the arm, while unemployment was essentially flat, and layoffs stayed at historic lows. Construction Spending Construction spending during March rose 0.3 percent to hit an annual rate of $1.13 trillion, the Census Bureau reported last week. This marked the highest rate since 2007, […]