Category: Unemployment

Economic Market Update

  The monthly jobs report turned in a stable performance.  Layoffs increased and residential construction spending was slightly up. Unemployment The economy added 151,000 jobs in August, keeping the unemployment rate hovering at 4.9 percent, with the total unemployed population essentially unchanged at 7.8 million people, Bureau of Labor Statistics […]

Housing Inventory Continues to Drop

Existing home sales slowed, while new home sales enjoyed solid enough growth to hit a record high, and lay-offs saw a small, unanticipated decline. Existing Home Sales After two months of gains caused by increased purchases by first-time buyers, tight inventory finally caught up with existing home sales. Transactions of […]

Unexpected Drop for Jobless Claims

Initial jobless claims enjoyed an unexpected drop, reassuring some economists about the job market. Consumer credit failed to impress and wholesale inventories grew. Initial Jobless Claims Job market watchers were breathing a sigh of relief when it came to layoffs last week. While the various experts and economists had expected […]

Economic News for June 8th, 2016

Last week’s jobs report was lackluster, while layoffs fell, and construction spending was down. Unemployment The economy had its worst monthly jobs performance in six years, with the economy adding only 38,000 jobs in May, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported last week. That said, the number of unemployed Americans […]

Unemployment Continues to Stay at Historic Lows

  Construction spending got a shot in the arm, while unemployment was essentially flat, and layoffs stayed at historic lows. Construction Spending Construction spending during March rose 0.3 percent to hit an annual rate of $1.13 trillion, the Census Bureau reported last week. This marked the highest rate since 2007, […]