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Down Payment Assistance


There are many Colorado state, county and other local government programs offering special financing for qualifying low-to-moderate income families wanting to purchase their very first home. These Home Loan Programs offer lower up front fees, interest and fixed rates. Below is a breakdown of different programs offered to qualifying candidates.

 Down Payment Assistance Grants

Down Payment Assistance programs can help with down payment for individuals that qualify and does not have to be repaid. We have access to many different FHA approved Down Payment Assistance Programs (DPA). We will do the investigation into each DPA to see if you qualify for their assistance. Once we find a DPA that works for you and for which you are qualified we will do the majority of the paperwork for you.

First Time home Buyer Program

Helping first time buyers become homeowners. This program is for individuals with low to moderate incomes. Those who qualify can receive down payment assistance that may or may not have to be repaid. Buyers must take an on-line or in person Home-buyer Education course. Contact us today to see if you qualify. Let us help you find a place to call home!

Colorado Housing & Finance AUTHORITY

Colorado Housing & Finance Authority (CHFA) offers affordable home mortgage programs for both buying and refinancing a home.  Summit Mortgage is an approve lender with CHFA and can questions you might have on this program. In addition, CHFA offers some great workshops for local home buyers and lots of helpful tools.  To learn more click here.